A strange case in woman after breast augmentation surgery

Maybe we often hear the death case due to drug or due to malpractice but maybe we never hear about a strange case that occurs after breast implant. We can call her Anne but it is not her real name. This case occurred when she first had her breast implant at 5 years ago. She chose a surgeon based on his friend who had surgery there. Previously, she did not know about Breast Augmentation Surgery because she only wants to improve the size of her breast. She was jealous of his friend breast who has the size of 32C and then she ask her friend and want to do the same thing. She just wants to look sexy in front of the men if she has a big breast. She did not feel any strangeness after the surgery process but she did not take a rest like another woman. She works as usual in the day after surgery. She can feel comfortable if just sit at home and she wants to find flurry to forget if she had implanted in her breast.

For a few days, she did not feel comfortable and enjoy with her new breast. After 1 week of surgery, she feels there is different with her breast. When she look in the mirror and her her breast, she realized that the size of her breast in back to normal. She can not find the implant in her breast even she knew, she should not hold her breast directly. She felt there was something jammed under the armpit. She does not dare to take a risk if she not immediately goes to the surgeon. The surgeon was surprised because the implant on the breast is a movement to the armpit. She had to do surgery to remove the implant. If she wants to do breast augmentation one more, she had to wait for 3 months or more. We have to know, this case it will not happen to her if she wants to take a rest after the surgery.