nikon speedlight sb 910

Nikon flash produce more sharper light and generate better result of image

Find out about tips to buy Nikon flash External flash that fits with your camera, as not all flash can be used on any camera. Some manufacturers even claim that their products are designed specifically for a particular camera brand, call it Vivitar the CAN labels specifically for Canon and Nikon specifically for the NIK. Read your camera’s manual to see flash compatible features before buy Nikon flash. For example, if we already bought a wireless external flash when the camera we do not support it will be in vain. Compare Recycling time.

Recycling time is the time required by the flash to charge for reuse. Both the lens and flash are strongly encouraged to use the same type with a camera, why? because the brand is exactly designed the camera and at least know the mechanism of action / characteristics of the brand so i suggest you buy Nikon flash. Because of these features, the flash of a canon or nikon more expensive, and if you decide to buy Nikon flash the flash from Nikon have Flash reflector has a way of working together with the bouncer, which reflect light. The difference is that flash reflector usually has a shiny surface gold or silver, so that the light produced sharper.